Sande, Juan
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Juan de Sande is a photographer, although painting was his first approach to art practice, and more recently has experimented with sculpture. Big format patterned series are the main corpus of his photographic production. His work talks about image and artifice, reality and contemporary creativity, absence and presence of humans, through architecture, nature and more recently interior spaces. Music, literature, painting and sculpture are very present in his live, and so nourish his creative task. Pictures are the result of a large, complex and systematic process of image construction at the studio, with digital techniques, from an original picture obtained by an analog camera, usually medium to large format.

De Sande begun his exhibition career at the end of the 90s, and since then he has been selected to some or the more prestigious awards, such as Pilar Citoler, L’Oreal, Purificación García or AENA; benefited of grant from Endesa; selected for Generación 2000 and PhotoEspaña. He has been commissioned to make books and magazines, such as Matador, and has participated with his pictures in several editions of art fairs, among others ARCOMadrid, MadridFoto, ParisPhoto, PhotoMiami and Pulse Miami.

His work is in private and public Spanish Collections, such as Fundación Juan March, Colección Alcobendas, Comunidad de Madrid, Museo de Bellas Artes de Santander, Colección Masaveu and Colección Club Matador. Collected in the Dictionary of Spanish Photographers, edited by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture in 2014, among other publications and catalogues.

Juan de Sande lives and works is Madrid.