Marín, Livia
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Livia Marín is a Chilean visual artist and professor. Her work is inscribed within this contemporary art generation in the turn of the Century, and she has as well ventured into Minimalism. 

She studied fine Arts in the ARCIS University, and completed her studies in Chile University and in London University. Her works shows «different approaches to every day industrial objects which seems to be the fundamental material or model for her pieces. These objects have been selected on the assumption that the object has to be small, chip and mass-use, but at the same time it goes unnoticed within the general context of its use».

In 2005 she recived the Altazor Award of National Art in the cathegory of Instalation and Video Art for her work shown in the “Transformers Exhibition”. A new nomitation in the same cathegory took place the following year for her installation “The Sense of Repetition”. 

During her career, Livia Marín has taken part in several individual and collective exhibitions, among others: “Zona Riesgo” (Risk zone) and “Frutos del país” (Fruits/Products from the Country) at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago de Chile (1999 and 2000), the exhibitions on Art/Nature at Keby Quarn Art Space in Upsala (2002), “Piel Artificial” (Artificial skin) at the Cultural Centre of Matucana 100 (2003), IV Bienal Mecosur in Porto Alegre (2003), Bienal Subversiones/Imposturas (Subversions/Impostures) at Chile National Musseum of Fine Arts (2004) and “Poetics of the Hand Made” at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Ángeles (2007).